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Hey guys! Welcome to my Official Website! Be sure to check back in to see weekly updates on what James is up to.

Hold On We’re Going Home – James Johnston – Drake Cover


Hey guys,

Here’s my video the latest song performance on X Factor. Make sure you grab your copy on Itunes and Spotify.

Thanks so much for everybody’s support. I hope you enjoy it!

James Johnston

The competition is heating up




So after last nights performance myself and the under 25 boys are off to a bit of a rough start. With some harsh comets from the judges we certainly have our work cut out for us at the next performance rounds. I was back out on the road this week with a performance at north haven bowling club down near my home town. It was a great to night and was fantastic to see some old and new faces at the show. I am in the process of putting together some shows atm for the next few months with some of the other guys off x factor in all major centres so stay tuned.



Back in the studio


So this week has been a bit of a roller coaster, from booking in a heap of shows to being back in the studio it really has been an exciting ride since being back on the Tv. Pre production has started on the new single and I couldn’t be happier with the way it’s all coming together. Its a bit of new direction for me with an underlying folk country feel coming through with the new sound.
The support from everyone has been incredible, from getting back in touch with old fans and having some new faces to chat to it has been great having so much support going into this new chapter of my career. I am loving to getting to speak to all of you on Facebook, twitter etc so keep it coming and stay tuned for some new updates on my new music.


James Johnston

X Factor Performance


Just in case you missed it here is last night performance from the x factor Australia. Make sure you sign up to get my free download at  

James on the X Factor 2014



X factor Australia

X factor Australia

So it has finally be announced. This year I will be competing on the X Factor Australia. I can’t wait to share the journey with you all as I go through the show. There is also a lot  to look forward to in the coming weeks, from brand new youtube videos to brand new original material plus lots more its all happening. Be sure to check back on this site regularly to see the latest news and updates and follow James on his journey on channel 7 and be watching the x factor. As always, Thanks for the support. James

Exciting News + clue?


So in the next week I will be announcing some exciting news in the world of James Johnston. Something I haven’t been able to share up until now. So stay tuned for that. But this week has been a busy one. I’ve been preparing to hop back into the studio, so frantically writing and recording demos to try and get the new sound. Ive also got the latest edits of the new youtube clips I will be releasing in the coming weeks back, and I couldn’t be happier with what elijah has created. So there is plenty happening.

Make sure you stay tuned and sign up to my mailing list to get exclusive updates and offers from me personally.

Much love.



here is a little clue:


Highs and Lows


This week has been a mix of highs and lows. lets start with the highs. So I was back in the studio this week and recording some brand new youtube videos. With the help of George Carpenter recording the sound and Elijah Cavanagh doing video we got stuck into the studio on thursday and recorded three new tracks live. After a weekend of gigs I was back into it with elijah on monday. Shooting some overlay shots we started out the day at 7 am in Burleigh heads. It truly is one of the most picturesque parts of the country. After some solo shots along the beach the rest of the crew joined in half way through the day and we started our road trip down the coast heading towards byron. After a few fresh strawberries, a couple of pointless runs through a cane field and a stroll along the beach it was a wrap. So now its into the editing studio and after some cutting and cropping I will have 3 new videos ready to go. Can’t wait to show you. Now to a sad note. My good friend and mentor Craig Huth or as many knew him Diceman passed away. He was a huge influence on me and a massive supporter in my career from when I was little and every step since then. He will be greatly missed in our community and by me personally. RIP mate.

James Johnston and craig Huth 2009

More Youtube Videos Coming


So I’m very excited to getting back in the studio this week, but this time its to record 3 brand new youtube clips. I will be working with Elijah Cavanagh and George Carpenter to put together 3 new youtube clips that will be shot in HD. I will also be releasing the three covers I record on iTunes. Also this afternoon I will be doing a photo shoot as part of the art work for an upcoming original single release that will happening in late July. So its a busy week with lots to look forward to. Stay Tuned

The End and The beginning


Well the 50 gigs in 50 days tour has reached its end. A whirlwind trip that the boys and I will never forget.
I would like to thank our sponsors.

Ashton Guitars
Barrier Signs-Taree
Stacks Law firm-Taree
Taree City Centre

Thankyou to The Australian Childrens Music fund for your support during the trip and all of our family, friends and fans who came out and supported our shows.

It doesn’t end here as I have just landed at l.A airport to meet up with Josh and our new trip begins.

First stop buy a travel guitar.

First stop buy a travel guitar.

Day 15 – Alice Springs.


Day 15 – Alice Springs.

This trip has been full of unexpected things but winery’s and mango’s in the middle of the desert would have to be up there.

We started of day 15 with the knowledge we were heading straight for the centre of Australia and we were all pretty exited. We had about 400 kms left of the drive and got into it as soon as we woke up. It was a fairly cold nights sleep.
Something you don’t expect out in the outback is the cold weather. Even with its searing summer days it often gets down to near 0 degree temperatures at night because of the lack of cloud cover.

On the way to Alice we saw an unexpected sign for mango’s. you expect to see mango’s in tropical North Queensland but not so much in the outback. But there is was a mango winery. We took the turn and put our hand up for the free wine tasting. The boys had quiet a few samples and I had to restrain myself as I was the driver for the day. I did have a small sample however and purchased a bottle. A very late Mother’s Day present.

The landscape started to change. The red rock rose out of the earth in great ranges. And as our phones started to go wild from 5 days of missed messages and calls we knew we were back to civilization. We grabbed a quick photo opp with the Alice springs sign and then made our way Down the hill into the town. Alice has become a real tourist town a haven for backpackers and grey nomads alike wanting to experience the real Australian outback.

Alice was originally called Stuart an old telegraph station on the line from Darwin to Adelaide in 1862. So every where you look is remnants of the old town as well as the new tourist facade.
After a great sit down show at the Gab View hotel just on the outskirts of town. We decided to cut tomorrows drive and drive to Stuart’s well about 90ks out. The strain of the trip has started to take a tole and the flu has set in. Not what you want when you still have over 30 shows to go. We will see how it turns out.


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